Creation Gardens Activation for Cincinnati Food + Wine Classic

  • Crew members of Black Hawk Farms prepare gourmet burgers at the Grill Pavilion in Yeatmans Cove at the Cincinnati Food and Wine Classic Saturday September 24, 2016.

Because Creation Gardens is a restaurant food distributor, it was more important for them to connect with chefs than to rub elbows with patrons. To accomplish this, we created an environment that no chef could refuse––a’ 40 x 60′ footprint with nothing but open fire grilling opportunities. 25 local and regional chefs flocked to the area all weekend long, churning out over 500 pounds of meat for more than 4,000 attendees.

This bold and ambitious project was a breakout success, taking over a year to develop. Creation Gardens picked up several new accounts after the event and is poised to create an even more dynamic experience in 2017.