Whip-smart, tuned in, always up for a challenge, Courtney embodies everything you want in a creative partner including the innate ability to consistently perceive any situation from multiple perspectives, which inspires her often-surprising concepts and solutions. She’s a wordsmith to be sure, but also brings a designer’s vision and a craftsman’s polish to every project she touches.

True story: I hired Courtney off a cold call. After enviously admiring her food blog for months (and knowing full well she was a designer by trade), I reached out of the blue and offered her a writing gig. She accepted, because that’s what Courtney does – relentlessly seeks, accepts and conquers new challenges. It’s just in her blood, a rare and remarkable fearlessness that fuels her lust for life, growth and accomplishment.

Personable, punctual, professional and funny as hell, she is a thinker, a doer, a keen observer and, as she has herself observed, a kick in the pants.  – Tim Quinlivan, Creative Director at Eric Mower & Associates

Courtney is an incredibly passionate visionary. Her professional talents are deeply multi-faceted and are fully utilized in every project she takes on. Her tenured experience in writing, art direction, video production and curating quality content in the social space brings incredible value to her clients – she truly is a remarkable and inspirational story-teller. Moreover, her delightful spirit and love of life is joyfully infectious. Her warmth, accessibility, and genuine kindness linger long after the project closes. – Rachel Steinman, Event Producer at Cincinnati Food + Wine Classic

Worked with Courtney as an Art Director for a few years. She’s an excellent creative thinker, writer and social media guru. Her ideas and approach are consistently original and thoughtful, and she has the gift of taking good ideas and turning them into something amazing. Whether the job calls for crafting a killer headline, tapping into a trending social issue, or suggesting strategic extensions that bring an idea to life through new channels, she makes things the best they can be before they go out to the door. Very thoughtful, very knowledgable, her curiosity and passion for creative marketing brings solutions to life with insightful, wonderfully-written creative. – Mike Flesch, Associate Creative Director at Eric Mower & Associates

I have been fortunate to have worked with several wonderful copywriters over the years and Courtney tops the list. She was always up for whatever writing/concepting assignment was brought her way and she tackled it with creativity and a desire to find unique ways to meet clients business needs. And she does all this while having fun and never losing her sense of humor. I would love the opportunity to work with her again in any capacity, she is a pleasure to collaborate with. – Jeff Bucalo, Director of Client Services at Eric Mower & Associates